Platinet Power Bank Dual 2 X 5000Mah Docking Station Ic Black [44352]

Platinet PMPB5DB is a set of two power banks sold together with the docking station, which allows th...
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Platinet PMPB5DB is a set of two power banks sold together with the docking station, which allows them to wirelessly charge. It's easy - when you go to work, you take the powerbank from the docking station and put it back in the evening. Thanks to this, devices are always charged, you do not waste time searching for a charger and minimizing the risk of losing equipment.


You forgot to connect your smartphone to the charger, you have to leave urgently, so you take the powerbank with you. Unfortunately - on the way it turns out that he is also unloaded. Familiar situation, right?
Such an event will not meet you with the Platinet PMPB5DB powerbank set, because the only thing you have to do is place it in a wireless dock - without wires, without looking for a free charger, without the hassle of plugging in the plug.
Both PMPB5DB powerbanks also have a MicroUSB IN connector for wired charging with a traditional charger.

PowerBanks and docking station were made of rubberised housing with gold trim. On each powerbank we have placed a subtle LED indicator, which indicates the battery charge level. It's an aesthetic and eye-catching gadget that you can successfully place in the living room, kitchen or bedroom.

The total battery capacity of the set is 10,000 mAh. This means that each powerbank has 5,000 mAh cells, which will allow about 3 full battery cycles on the smartphone - depending on the capacity of its battery.

Outputs of USB power banks charge devices with 2.1 A current, thanks to which the entire process takes up to 50% faster than the competition.

- Capacity: 10000 mAh (2x 5000 mAh)
- Connectors: USB 2.0, MicroUSB (powerbank), microUSB (docking station)
- Input current: 5V 1.5A (powerbank), 5V 3A (docking station)
- Output: 5V 2.1 A (powerbank), 5V 2.1A * 2 (docking station)
- Powerbank - length (mm): 92
- Powerbank - width (mm): 54
- Powerbank - height (mm): 42
- Powerbank - weight (g): 128
- Docking station - length (mm): 143
- Docking station - width (mm): 46
- Docking station - height (mm): 20.5
- Docking station - weight (g): 123
- Contents of the set: 2x powerbank, docking station, microUSB cable

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