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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G USB Connector Board, Type-C, GH96-14033A

USB Connector Board, GH96-14033A, Type-C, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (G996B)

€44,10* (€36,45 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G USB Connector Board, Type-C, GH96-13993A

USB Connector Board, GH96-13993A, Type-C, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy S21 + 5G (G996B), Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G (G996B), Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G (G996B)

€37,85* (€31,28 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy A72 4G USB Connector Board, GH96-14128A

USB Connector Board, GH96-14128A, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy A72 4G (A725F, A725F/DS), Galaxy A72 5G (A726F, SM-A726F/DS) (A725F)

€31,85* (€26,32 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy A32 4G USB Connector Board, Type-C, GH96-14244A

USB Connector Board, Type-C, GH96-14244A, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy A32 4G (A325F)

€31,50* (€26,03 Excl. VAT)

Samsung USB Board G955F Galaxy S8 Plus, GH97-20394A

GH97-20394A, Samsung Galaxy S8+ (G955F), Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (G955F), Samsung Galaxy S8 + (G955F)

€31,25* (€25,83 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite USB Connector Board, Type-C, GH96-12916A

USB Connector Board, GH96-12916A, Type-C, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (G770F/DS)

€29,75* (€24,59 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G USB Connector Board, Type-C, GH96-14064A

USB Connector Board, GH96-14064A, Type-C, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G)

€29,60* (€24,46 Excl. VAT)

Samsung G965F Galaxy S9+ USB Board, GH97-21682A

USB Board, Incl. microphone, GH97-21682A, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy S9+ (G965F), Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (G965F), Samsung Galaxy S9 + (G965F)

€29,60* (€24,46 Excl. VAT)

Samsung G960F Galaxy S9 USB Board, GH97-21684A

USB Board, Incl., GH97-21684A, Compatibel with: Samsung G960F Galaxy S9

€28,50* (€23,55 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ USB Board, GH96-12741A

USB Board, Incl. microphone, GH96-12741A, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (N975F), Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (N975F), Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + (N975F), Samsung Gala...

€24,85* (€20,54 Excl. VAT)

Samsung USB Board N915F Galaxy Note Edge, GH96-07533A

GH96-07533A, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (N915F)/Galaxy Note Edge (N915F)

€21,95* (€18,14 Excl. VAT)
€21,70* (€17,93 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy A80 USB Board, GH96-12542A

USB Board, Incl. Simcard reader, Microphone, GH96-12542A, Compatibel with: Samsung A805F Galaxy A80

€21,50* (€17,77 Excl. VAT)

Samsung A920F/DS Galaxy A9 (2018) USB Board, GH96-12217A

USB Board, Incl. microphone, AV jack, GH96-12217A, Compatibel with: Samsung A920F/DS Galaxy A9 (2018)

€19,50* (€16,12 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy A12 USB Connector Board, Type-C, GH96-14044A

USB Connector Board, GH96-14044A, Type-C, Compatibel with: Samsung A125F Galaxy A12 (A125F)

€19,15* (€15,83 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy A40 USB Board, GH96-12454A

USB Board, Incl. AV jack/Audioconnector, GH96-12454A, Compatibel with: Samsung Smartphone A Series SM-A405F Galaxy A40

€17,25* (€14,26 Excl. VAT)

Samsung T810 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 WIFI USB Board, GH82-10152A

USB Board, Incl. home button switch, GH82-10152A, Compatibel with: SM-T810 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 WiFi, SM-T815 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 3G/LTE

€17,05* (€14,09 Excl. VAT)

Samsung A750FN/DS Galaxy A7 (2018) USB Board, GH96-12081A

USB Board, Incl. microphone, AV jack, GH96-12081A, Compatibel with: Samsung A750FN/DS Galaxy A7 (2018), SM-A750FN Galaxy A7, SM-A750FZ Galaxy A7 (2018)

€16,35* (€13,51 Excl. VAT)

Huawei Mate 9 Dual Sim (MHA-L29) USB Board, Type-C, 02351AYY

USB Board, incl. microphone, 02351AYY, Type-C, Compatibel with: Mate 9 (MHA-L09),Manhattan-L09, Mate 9 Dual Sim (MHA-L29),Manhattan-L29, MHA-AL00

€15,80* (€13,06 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy A10 USB Board, GH96-12719A

USB Board, GH96-12719A, Compatibel with: Samsung A105F/DS Galaxy A10

€15,25* (€12,60 Excl. VAT)

Huawei Mate 20 (HMA-L29) USB Board, Type-C, 02352FHJ

USB Board, Incl. Microphones, 02352FHJ, Type-C, Compatibel with: Huawei Mate 20 (HMA-L29), Hima-L29CA

€14,65* (€12,11 Excl. VAT)

Huawei Honor View 10 (BKL-L09) USB Board, Type-C, 02351STG

USB Board, incl. microphone, AV Jack/Audio connector, 02351STG, Type-C, Compatibel with: Honor View 10 (BKL-L09),Honor View 10 Berkeley-L09

€13,35* (€11,03 Excl. VAT)

Huawei P Smart (FIG-L31) USB Board, 02351SWE

USB Board, Incl. microphone, usb connector, audio connector, 02351SWE, Compatibel with: P smart (FIG-L31),P smart Figo L-31

€13,00* (€10,74 Excl. VAT)

Huawei Honor 9 STF-L09 USB Board, 02351LGF

USB Board, Incl. Antenna, 02351LGF, Compatibel with: Huawei Honor 9 Premium (STF-L19),Honor 9 Premium 128GB Stanford-L19, Honor 9 Standard (STF-L09),Honor 9 Standard 64GB Stan...

€12,80* (€10,58 Excl. VAT)
* Incl. tax Excl. Shipping costs
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