Samsung USB-Charger, EP-TA20EWE, White, 5.0V, 2.0A, GH44-02712A

GH44-02712A;GH44-02929A, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (G928F), Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (G928F), Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + (G928F), 5V-2A

€10,25* (€8,47 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G Display, Black, GH82-25944A;GH82-26047A

Display, Black, GH82-25944A;GH82-26047A, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy A22 4G (A225F)

€55,90* (€46,20 Excl. VAT)

Samsung 15W USB Fast Charger, EP-TA200EBE, Black, 9V, 1.67A, 5V-2A, GH44-03023A

The Samsung Micro USB-C Charger Adapter Adaptive Fast Charge with cable allows you to quickly charge your Samsung smartphone. All Samsung smartphones charge about 1.5 times fa...

€10,40* (€8,60 Excl. VAT)

Huawei Honor 6C Dual Sim (DIG-L21HN) LCD Display Module, Grey, Incl. Battery HB405979ECW, 02351FUV

LCD Display Module, Grey, Incl. frame, loudspeaker/buzzer/buzzer, earspeaker/reciever, battery, vibration motor, sidekey flex, battery HB405979ECW 3020mAh, 02351FUV, Incl. Bat...

€118,19* (€97,68 Excl. VAT)

Samsung USB-Charger, EP-TA20EBE, Black, 5V 2.0A, GH44-02950A

Black, GH44-02950A, Samsung Galaxy S8+ (G955F), Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (G955F), Samsung Galaxy S8 + (G955F) G955F Galaxy S8 +, 5V 2.0A

€10,25* (€8,47 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy A51 Display, Black, GH82-21669A;GH82-21680A;GH82-22084A;GH82-22083A

Display, Black, GH82-21669A;GH82-21680A;GH82-22084A;GH82-22083A, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy A51 (A515F/DS), Samsung Galaxy A51 (A515F/DSN)

€99,81* (€82,49 Excl. VAT)

Huawei Y7 2018 (LDN-L21) LCD Display Module, Black, Incl. Battery HB406689ECW , 02351USA

LCD Display Module, Black, Incl. frame, trilmotor, battery HB406689ECW 4000mAh, 02351USA, Incl. Battery HB406689ECW , Compatibel with: Huawei Y7 2018 (LDN-L21), Huawei Y7 Prim...

€44,06* (€36,41 Excl. VAT)

Samsung USB Type-C Charger, EP-TA800XWEGWW, White, 25W, GH44-03055A

USB Type-C Charger, EP-TA800XWEGWW, White, GH44-03055A, 25W, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy A70 SM-A705, Galaxy A80 A805F

€10,78* (€8,91 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G Display, Awesome Black, GH82-26861A;GH82-26863A

Display, Awesome Black, GH82-26861A;GH82-26863A, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G (A528B)

€78,26* (€64,68 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy A12 Nacho / A12s Display, Black, GH82-26485A

Display, Black, GH82-26485A, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy A12 Nacho / A12s (A127F)

€47,92* (€39,60 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Data Cable, EP-DG950CBE, Black, Type-C, GH39-01922A;GH39-01949A

USB Data Cable, Black, GH39-01949A;GH39-01922A, Type-C, Compatibel with: Galaxy Note 7 (N930F), Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (A520F), Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 (A320F), Samsung Galaxy ...

€7,00* (€5,79 Excl. VAT)

OnePlus Nord (AC2003) LCD Display, Black, Incl. frame, OPNORD-LCD-IN-BL

Display, Incl. frame, Black, Incl. frame, OPNORD-LCD-IN-BL, Compatibel with: OnePlus Nord (AC2003)

€163,25* (€134,92 Excl. VAT)

Samsung G975F Galaxy S10+ LCD Display Module, Prism/Ceramic Black, GH82-18849A;GH82-18834A

LCD Display Module, Prism/Ceramic Black, GH82-18849A;GH82-18834A, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy S10+ (G975F), Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (G975F), Samsung Galaxy S10 + (G975F)

€238,12* (€196,79 Excl. VAT)

Samsung N950F Galaxy Note 8 LCD Display Module + Touch Screen Display + Frame, Black, GH97-21065A;GH97-21066A

LCD Display Module + Touch Screen Display + Frame, Black, Incl., GH97-21065A;GH97-21066A. Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy Note8 (N950F), Samsung Galaxy Note8 Duos (N950FD), Sa...

€186,87* (€154,44 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Display, Phantom Black, GH82-26035A;GH82-26036A

Display, Phantom Black, GH82-26035A;GH82-26036A, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (G998B)

€272,72* (€225,39 Excl. VAT)

Samsung J250F/DS Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 LCD Display Module, Gold, GH97-21339D;GH97-21812D;GH97-21338D

LCD Display Module, Gold, GH97-21339D;GH97-21812D;GH97-21338D, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 (J250F/DS)

€47,25* (€39,05 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Battery, EB-BG781ABY, 4500mAh, GH82-25231A;GH82-24205A

Battery, EB-BG781ABY, GH82-25231A;GH82-24205A, 4500mAh, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 4G (G780F), Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G (G781B), Samsung Galaxy A...

€31,95* (€26,41 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy A12 Display, Black, GH82-24490A;GH82-24491A

Display, Black, GH82-24490A;GH82-24491A, Compatibel with: Samsung A125F Galaxy A12)

€45,79* (€37,84 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy A02s Display, Black, GH81-20181A

Display, Black, GH81-20181A, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy A02s (A025F/DS)

€33,67* (€27,83 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy A50 Display, Black, GH82-19204A;GH82-19713A;GH82-19714A;GH82-19289A

Display, Black, Incl. frame, GH82-19204A, GH82-19713A, GH82-19714A, GH82-19289A, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy A50 (A505F/DS)

€99,29* (€82,06 Excl. VAT)

Huawei Battery, HB3742A0EZC+, 2200mAh, 24021764;24022105

Battery, HB3742A0EZC+, 24021764;24022105, 2200mAh, Compatibel with: Huawei P8 Lite (ALE-L21), Huawei Y3 2018 (CAG-L03), Huawei Y3 2017 (CRO-L02)

€11,75* (€9,71 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Display, Awesome Black, GH82-25524A;GH82-25526A;GH82-25754A

Display, Awesome Black, GH82-25524A;GH82-25526A;GH82-25754A, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy A52 5G (A526B), Samsung Galaxy A52 4G (A525F)

€83,85* (€69,30 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Battery, EB-BG530CBE, 2600mAh, GH43-04372A

2600mAh, EB-BG530CBE, Samsung Galaxy J5 (J500F), Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime VE (G531), Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (G530), Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 (J320), Samsung Grand Prime 20...

€16,65* (€13,76 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Galaxy A71 Display, Black, GH82-22152A;GH82-22248A

Display, Black, GH82-22152A;GH82-22248A, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy A71 (A715F)

€117,39* (€97,02 Excl. VAT)
* Incl. tax Excl. Shipping costs
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