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€46,23* (€38,21 Excl. VAT)
No longer available

Samsung Battery, T9500E, 9500mAh, GH43-03980A [EOL]

9500mAh, T9500E, Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 P900

€43,42* (€35,88 Excl. VAT)
No longer available

Samsung Battery, T4500E, 6800mAh, GH43-03922A [EOL]

6800mAh, T4500E, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 P5200

€43,07* (€35,60 Excl. VAT)
No longer available

Samsung Battery, EB-BT595ABE, 7300mAh, GH43-04840A

Battery, EB-BT595ABE, GH43-04840A, 7300mAh, Compatibel with: Samsung SM-T590 Galaxy Tab A 10.5 WIFI

€38,72* (€32,00 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Battery, T8220E, 8220mAh, GH43-03998B

8220mAh, T8220E, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition P6000

€37,88* (€31,31 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Battery, EB-BT585ABE, 7300mAh, GH43-04627A

7300mAh, EB-BT585ABE, Samsung T580 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 WiFi 2016, T585 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 LTE 2016

€37,53* (€31,02 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Battery, EB-BT530FBE, 6800mAh, GH43-04157B

6800mAh, EB-BT530FBE, Samsung T530 Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 WiFi, T535 Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 LTE

€37,04* (€30,61 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Battery, EB-BT835ABU, 7300mAh, GH43-04830A

Battery, EB-BT835ABU, GH43-04830A, 7300mAh, Compatibel with: Samsung SM-T830 Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 WIFI, SM-T835 Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 LTE 

€36,61* (€30,26 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Battery, EB-BC115, 2430mAh, AD43-00230A

2430 mAh, EB-BC115, Samsung C115 Galaxy K Zoom

€36,47* (€30,14 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Battery, EB-BT800FBE, 7900mAh, GH43-04159C [EOL]

7900 mAh, EB-BT800FBE, Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 T800, T805 Galaxy Tab S 10.5 4G

€36,40* (€30,08 Excl. VAT)
No longer available

LG Battery, BL-T32, 3300mAh, EAC63438801

3300 mAh, BL-T32, LG H870 G6

€34,51* (€28,52 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Battery, EB-BT810ABE, 5870mAh, GH43-04431B

5870mBh, EB-BT810ABE, Samsung T810 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 WiFi, T813 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 WiFi 2016,T813N, T815 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 3G/LTE, T819 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 3G/LTE 2016,T819N

€34,30* (€28,35 Excl. VAT)

LG Battery, BL-T36, 3000mAh, EAC63638201

Battery, BL-T36, EAC63638201, 3000mAh, Compatibel with: X410 K11 (2018),K10 2018, X410E 

€34,23* (€28,29 Excl. VAT)

LG Battery, BL-T34, 3300mAh, EAC63538921 [EOL]

Battery, BL-T34, EAC63538901;EAC63538921, 3300mAh, Compatibel with: LG H930 V30

€33,88* (€28,00 Excl. VAT)
No longer available
€33,60* (€27,77 Excl. VAT)
No longer available

LG Battery, BL-T9 / K500 X Screen, 2300mAh, EAC62078721

2300mAh, BL-T9, LG K500N X Screen, K500 X Screen, K500DS X Screen Dual Sim

€32,26* (€26,66 Excl. VAT)

LG Battery, BL-T33, 3000mAh, EAC63518401 [EOL]

Battery, BL-T33, EAC63558801;EAC63518401;EAC63658501, 3000mAh, Compatibel with: LG M700N Q6

€32,19* (€26,60 Excl. VAT)
No longer available

LG Battery, BL-T19, 2700mAh, EAC63079601

2700mAh, BL-T19, LG H791 Nexus 5X

€32,19* (€26,60 Excl. VAT)

LG Battery, BL-T8, 3500mAh, EAC62118701

3500 mAh, BL-T8, LG D955 G Flex

€31,98* (€26,43 Excl. VAT)

LG Battery, BL-46G1F, 2800mAh, EAC63360001

Battery, BL-46G1F, EAC63360001, 2800mAh, Compatibel with: LG M250 K10 2017 Dual Sim, X400, K10 Dual 2017

€31,56* (€26,08 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Battery, EB-BT550ABE, 6000mAh, GH43-04436B

6000mAh, EB-BT550ABE, Samsung P550 Galaxy Tab A 9.7,P550 Galaxy Tab AL, T550 Galaxy Tab A 9.7 WiFi, T555 Galaxy Tab A 9.7 3G/LTE

€31,49* (€26,02 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Battery, EB-BN972ABU, 4300mAh, GH82-20814A

Battery, EB-BN972ABU, GH82-20814A, 4300mAh, Compatibel with: Samsung Galaxy Note SM-N975F Galaxy Note 10+

€31,07* (€25,68 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Battery, EB-BG580ABU, 5000mAh, GH82-18701A

Battery, EB-BG580ABU, GH82-18701A, 5000mAh, Compatibel with: Samsung M205F/DS Galaxy M20

€30,72* (€25,39 Excl. VAT)

LG Battery, BL-42D1F, 2800mAh, EAC63238901

2800mAh, BL-42D1F, LG H850 G5

€30,72* (€25,39 Excl. VAT)
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