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Google Camera Front G-2PW2200 Pixel XL, G-PIXXL-FRONT-CAM, 12,3Mpix

G-PIXXL-FRONT-CAM, Google G-2PW2200 Pixel XL, 12,3Mpix

€52,30* (€43,22 Excl. VAT)

Sony Camera Front Xperia XA Ultra F3211, 1299-8619, 16Mpix

1299-8619, Sony Xperia XA Ultra F3211, Xperia XA Ultra F3215, Xperia XA Ultra Dual F3212, Xperia XA Ultra Dual F3216, 16Mpix

€41,10* (€33,97 Excl. VAT)

Microsoft Camera Front Lumia 950, 00814F1, 5Mpix

00814F1, Microsoft Lumia 950, Lumia 950 Dual Sim, Lumia 950 LTE, 5Mpix

€36,20* (€29,92 Excl. VAT)

Google Camera Front G-2PW4200 Pixel, 54H00644-00M, 8Mpix

54H00644-00M, Google G-2PW4200 Pixel, 8Mpix

€35,70* (€29,50 Excl. VAT)
€34,90* (€28,84 Excl. VAT)

LG Camera Front K500N X Screen, EBP62702301, 8Mpix

EBP62702301, LG K500N X Screen, K500DS X Screen Dual SIM, 8Mpix

€31,50* (€26,03 Excl. VAT)

LG Camera Front H850 G5, EBP62841801, 8Mpix

EBP62841801, LG H850 G5, 8Mpix

€30,80* (€25,45 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Camera Front A520F Galaxy A5 2017, GH96-10460A, 16Mpix

GH96-10460A, Samsung A520F Galaxy A5 2017, 16Mpix

€30,70* (€25,37 Excl. VAT)

Nokia Camera Front Lumia 830, 0206053, 0.9 Mpix

0206053, Nokia Lumia 830, 0.9 Mpix

€30,30* (€25,04 Excl. VAT)

Samsung Camera Front G930F Galaxy S7, GH96-09624A, 5 Mpix

GH96-09624A, Samsung G930F Galaxy S7, G935F Galaxy S7 Edge, 5 Mpix

€28,40* (€23,47 Excl. VAT)